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About Soulbound

[Pinned] Please Use The Shoutbox

Just a reminder... We have a SHOUTBOX! Please use it! Let us know if you're running late or if something has come up and you can't make it. This is a casual guild, but we still need to respectful of our guildmates and their time. If we know at 8:...
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About Soulbound


Omen - not quite as necessary as it once was but tanks should absolutely have it. Boss Mods - or something similar (Bigwigs) although we predominently use DBM so timers ...
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About Soulbound

[Pinned] Soulbound Legion Raiding and Loot Rules Updated: Aug2016

Here are the raiding and looting rules for SOULBOUND. Changes will be applied as needed. In Legion we are going with personal loot. Officers are not handing out loot. You get what the game says you get.You are strongly encouraged to trade with ot...
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Thread of Video Awesomeness

[Pinned] Raid Night Live Feed

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About Soulbound

[Pinned] Soulbound Guild Bank

The guild bank of Soulbound is a stockpile of things for our members. The various tabs contain items that are available to members at different levels as explained below. Most members are under a restriction of withdrawing only five items per da...
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About Soulbound

[Pinned] Soulbound History Updated: Aug2016

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away ...So it might not have been that long ago and only as far as the world of Azeroth, but in July of 2005,(11 Years Ago!) two guilds came together - Alcaz Brute Squad and Light of the Alliance - and formed So...
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About Soulbound

Are you Prepared?

"You are not Prepared!" - Illidan StormrageOr at least that's the way it's been feeling, especially this last week with pulls getting closer and closer to 9pm. As a raider it is your responsibility to show-up with the items you need. Having to col...
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Thread of Video Awesomeness

Dod's Halloween. Enter at your own risk....thoughs easily offended

Figured I would share.
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Diablo III

D3 2.1.2 Drops and Monks blow up G Rifts into the 40s now

So I played around for a little while last night and OMG was it fun watching the numbers popping on my screen, and I already had my first Ancient Weapon drop for me.Hope we can party some soon.Z
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Boss Videos - The Latest and Greatest

Soulbound vs. Brackenspore
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Boss Videos - The Latest and Greatest

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About Soulbound

Classic Soulbound Raid Videos

For those of you who might not be aware, we have a Facebook group for Soulbound members past and present called, naturally enough, Soulbound of Malygos. Our illustrious former founding GM, Magyar aka Chris Owens, just posted these two videos from...
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Diablo III

Diablo III Forum

I'm not sure how many people will be playing this or feel the need to discuss it. But knowing how many of us will be playing it in reality and/or in the beta (me :)), I thought I'd start a forum section for discussions about anything you wanted t...
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Thread of Video Awesomeness

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Thread of Video Awesomeness

Streaming Software is free and what all the streamers are now all using. Just a decent CPU (and gpu I suppose).
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Diablo III

Update from Arauial and Silversaw

Hey everybody, I realized I forgot to put my Battletag on here: Arauial 1825.I decided to put this in the D3 forum because that's what Cat and I have been up to lately. We're in act 4 of Nightmare mode right now, moving slowly, but still having ...
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Diablo III

Beta Testers

Put your ID's here if you want to play with folks.I'll probably put a few sections up in the mumble server for groups to run D3 there.Tensen: BattleTag = Tensen#1880
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Diablo III

Voice actor for Jeweler Confirmed.

Heya SB, remember the conversation we had the other day how I thought the Jewelers voice sounded just like Lo Pan from "Big trouble in Little China"?Look at a thread I found on the forums today LOL
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Diablo III

So, Launch is 1 week away....

What are you going to play first?Either a Monk or a Barbarian.PS: I found this on the forums entitled "what they didnt tell you to prepare for Launch Day" I would like to add that this isnt a complete preparation guide as it is in utter LACK of t...
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Thread of Video Awesomeness

Dialect!Next I want to hear a Minnesota accent with a southern drawl.
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