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Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away ...

So it might not have been that long ago and only as far as the world of Azeroth, but in July of 2005,(11 Years Ago!) two guilds came together - Alcaz Brute Squad and Light of the Alliance - and formed Soulbound. The Brute Squad was a group of guys who played Diablo together and decided to check out this 'new' game as a group. Light was a guild formed through the Malygos forums, who later absorbed another guild named Hell’s Kitchen. The two guilds had similar mindsets and eventually decided to join forces. The original Guild Master was Magyar - and other founding members that are still around include Silverbolt, Torson, Bolwyn, Arenis, Asuniedam, Terian, and Sharlotte.

At the time the only 'raiding' for level 60's was the guild's regular Sunday night UBRS run. However that Fall, Soulbound joined The Tirisfal Alliance with three other guilds and began raiding Molten Core. The TA worked well, and progressed through MC up to Ragnaros - many attempts but could not make the orange hammer drop. Soulbound began to grow more, and sharing raid spots just wasn't the best output for the guild. So in the first week of December, Soulbound left the alliance and raided MC 40 man alone. And on December 10, 2005, Ragnaros fell on our first attempt of the night, and Magyar was singing on Teamspeak "Rag down! Rag down!"

Since that time, Soulbound has grown larger and smaller, and then around again. We've cleared content in every raid zone from Molten Core to Dragon Soul, including some raid zones that aren't even around anymore and others that have been revamped. (We did skip the nightmare that was Sunwell until we outleveled it.) Raids have gone from 40 mans to multiple 10 mans to 25’s and back to 10’s as the guild and the game has changed. Our GM torch has been passed from Magyar through the hands of Arenis, Arauial, Silverbolt's, and Tensen where it currently rests. The biggest blessing to Soulbound has been its humble leadership, considering none of our GM's ever sought out that job. They were asked to do it, and thus set the standard for putting the guild first. Not over everything - certainly not over real life - but sometimes over their personal desires in game. Our Raid Leaders have included Magyar, Priam, and now Tensen, who has been at the helm since Karazhan. While many others have filled in when needed, these three were the driving forces in exposing the guild to strategies and coaching players to success. Blizzard continues to change the game and the way raids work, and other guilds have fallen and reemerged, but Soulbound has stayed strong, sometimes through the sheer will power of its lasting members. Our current officer force is Barrak, Tensen, Hiznor, and Aribella – current members who have also served include Arenis, Nycerria, Asuran, Aeia, and Icing. We have many members that come and go through the years as their lives change, but our atmosphere has stayed much the same.

Our precedent has always been that real life comes first - family, work, school, or just down time when it's needed. Attendance is always optional.

There's just no pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying.
~ Walter Slovotsky
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