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The guild bank of Soulbound is a stockpile of things for our members. The various tabs contain items that are available to members at different levels as explained below. Most members are under a restriction of withdrawing only five items per day. Guild repairs are turned on for certain levels of membership. Items that are not able to be pulled from the bank by members must be requested through the bank forum here on the site. Requests will be reviewed and filled/denied by the officers. Current tier gear requests must be posted for 3 days to allow other members to request the same item. Gear will be awarded based on Soulbound's loot rules priority. All members are able to deposit items in any of SB's bank tabs.

Tab 1 - Take and leave as you please.
These are things people don't want or don't need but feel might be useful to someone else. This tab is cleaned and sold for guild funds regularly, so don't feel bad about taking things from here as often as you like. This is a great place to grab some things to aid your alts.

Tab 2 - Take it if you'll use it.
This contains many glyphs, enchants, and gems that can be helpful to our members. Some things may be for lower level toons, but are available to all guild members (Acolytes may request items through an Officer). These items may be worth a bit more than things in Tab 1, but are still free to use.

Tab 3 - Membership has its privileges.
This tab includes items available to longer term members, or through Officer requests in game. This can include patterns or recipes, gear, supplies, or other useful items.

Tab 4 - Raiding comes at a cost.
This tab is all items dedicated to our raid force, such as feasts and flasks (and their mats), higher level enchants and gems, and rare drops for gearing up. While all members can contribute to these supplies, only officers are able to pull things out.

Tab 5 - Ask and ye shall receive, maybe.
These items are highest quality or current raid tier items, some of which cost GP to receive. They are typically for mains only, however gear items may be requested in the bank forum thread here on site. As stated above, requests may not be filled depending on other circumstances. (Tab 5 may sometimes contain overflow of Tab 4 items.)
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