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#13006247 Jan 21, 2017 at 01:54 PM
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"You are not Prepared!" - Illidan Stormrage

Or at least that's the way it's been feeling, especially this last week with pulls getting closer and closer to 9pm. As a raider it is your responsibility to show-up with the items you need. Having to collect and distribute items at the beginning of raid time is unfair to your fellow raiders and takes away from boss killing time (and we all love boss killing time).

So what should you have in your bag?

1. Flasks - We have been very lucky to have Sid and others making us flasks, and Grissom making us cauldrons, but this should not be expected. Have a few in your bag and if you end up not needing them, you can save them for next time.

2. Food - Don't cook? Buy some from the auction house? Or buy mats and have someone else cook for you. Not sure what is your best food? take a look here.

3. Pots - Pots have unfortunately been quite expensive this expansion, but Potion of Prolonged Power is quite cheap and a good alternative (if not already your best pot).

4. Augment Rune - Want bonus points? Run an LFR and grab some of these for those pulls when we're soooo close and just need the bit of extra dps.

5. Tome of Tranquil Mind - Change your spec on the go! What could be better!!

But Bella... I'm broke! and everything is so expensive!! Look up the mats you need and get them from the Blood of Sargeras Trader (there's also a shoulder enchant from the wardens to collect extra bloods) and ask a guildie to craft for you. Still in a bind? Ask an officer! We're always here to help out!!
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#13007034 Jan 21, 2017 at 10:33 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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Part of the reason I have been so "Doddish" is for this very reason. It happens every expac and it irritates the hell out of me.

Most raids we have at least two if not three scribes in the group that would hand over respec scrolls in a heartbeat, but without fail we end up spending time sitting while someone hearths to respec for no good reason.

So to hopefully speed things along, and because I haven't spent any money during this xpac, I've done the following:
1. I finished up my alchemy, made a ton of flasks and sent, so far, 5 flask caldrons to Laka
2. Made 150 Respec Tomes
3. Made a few Codex of the Tranquil Mind, if multiple people need to respec on a boss
4. Made 100 of those damn Drogbar-Style Salmon things for Sang and Tensen that they always ask for

If people need anything, please ask before raid, if I have it and don't need it myself, it's yours. If I can get it from one of my alts, I will do that as well. If there are potions that aren't Prolonged Power, let people know and we will get them. Say something in the Shoutbox or in-game mail us. Most of us are on a few hours before raid and will get things to you.

And lastly, don't chew on mic, MIKE...wait he won't ever see this post.
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