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Omen - not quite as necessary as it once was but tanks should absolutely have it.

Deadly Boss Mods - or something similar (Bigwigs) although we predominently use DBM so timers matching up is a good thing

You almost always want to make sure you have the "ALPHA" version of DBM, this can be found under the "other downloads" section next to "description" on the linked page or if using the curseclient, right click on DBM and under the selection "prefered release type" select "alpha".

Vuhdo/Healbot - or some other such raid frames (unless you are comfortable with the Stock ones) also Decursive is an option for those with the ability to do so instead.

Voice Software:

MUMBLE - we moved away from TeamSpeak and Ventrillo to the next incarnation of voice communication software and we are very happy with it. Perhaps Torso!n can do a write up of how to set it up and its use in this section as well.

Torson/Hiznor here: If you have any questions, just hit me up in game. Fairly straight forward process.
Tip: Don't do it in a hurry, the config part of setting it up is important. Should only take a few minutes.

LOOT ADDONS None. Presonal loot makes these a non-issue anymore.
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Updated for Legion
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