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Tensen / Aug 28, 2016
Greetings Soulbound!

As we come to the end of another expansion and the birth of a new one, the officers and I would like to first welcome you all home to our website and to once again welcome you back to the the world of Soulbound.

We had a difficult time with RL during the last expansion, and many of us (including myself) took a long break from the raiding scene for much of the second half of the expansion. As a result, it was the first expansion of WOW we did not clear all current content prior to the launch of the newest expansion. Am I dejected by this...a bit. However, I feel for many of us, 10 years of raiding had gotten to a point where it felt like a second job to us. Difficult as it was, the officers decided to suspend scheduled raiding for many reasons, most of which were personal for so many members.

There was some incredible things happening in the Real World however:

Dog and Icing had another munchkin! Congrats!
Aribella and Torson got MARRIED! Congrats!
Asuran had a little tankette! Congrats!
Diz got Married! Congrats!
Onlyfoxy had another little one! Congrats!
Grissom and Bellavita are planning their wedding! Congrats!

Our family is growing quite nicely with all thsee little Soulbounders soon to join our ranks (we already know that Ellie (Dogbert and Icing's youngest) likes to heal)

So where does that leave us for Legion you may ask? Right where we started WoD, but with a stronger core of potential raiders.


We will be a Heroic Raiding guild in Legion. Mythic may be beyond what we are currently capable of raid size wise at the start of the expansion, but we have the tanks/healers/and dps fully capable of Heroic raiding on a consistent basis and should have no problems fielding a raid with the current format for raiding. As you know, Normal and Heroic raid sizes are variable (you can have from 10 - 30 members in a group) and we are able to invite "friends of Soulbound" to join us to fill in any missing roles. This will lead to changes to the raiding rules for Soulbound.

The officers and I have also come up with some changes to the way we do things here in Soulbound:

1. NO MORE EPGP - we will be utilizing the personal loot system moving forward, allowing for loot to drop randomly for folks in the raid. This led to much less DE'ing at the end of the last expansion and with the new changes (i.e. personal loot being able to be traded within the raid) there is a much higher chance of getting usable loot throughout the expansion and having alts that are geared to fill in for roles that are missing without penalizing anyone for not being on their mains.

2. Guild Notes - We are going to once again open up the guild notes for people to change their own notes on their mains. I would ask that no one change alt notes so that everyone will know who you are when you are not on your main toon. Also, do not change anyone elses guild notes, if this is will go away again.

3 Ranks will continue to be based on attendance in raids and done monthly as posted here on the website

4. Recruitment: we know this is a touchy subject and has been really difficult to predict who will fit in well with the Soulbound way of life. It's difficult to be in a guild that has lasted for 11 years on the same server to not have "cliques" of people, and folks that are set in their ways of how it is (yes, I know you are all pointing at me right now). We will continue to recruit very carefully for the right people to fit Soulbound. If you come across players in groups while leveling, or have friends you know are our kind of PG-13/R them to the website to fill out an application or mention them to an officer and get them in mumble to chat. Talking to someone we have learned is better than just reading an application...but the time someone takes in filling out that application also tells us quite a bit about that person.

Overall, very little has changed with the Soulbound way of life. I have one major goal for Soulbound this expansion....and I know I lost sight of that in the past...Let's have fun and enjoy each others company as we fight off the Legion Invasion!!!!

/Salute Soulbound

Tensen / May 08, 2015
With the current state of affairs, the Officers have decided to promote another member to our ranks.

After many years of membership and respect, hopefully you all join me in Welcoming Alexii (Baraak to us oldtimers) to the Officer core!

Congratulations my friend!

Sorry this is so belated....I realized today I had not made an official announcement :)
Tensen / Dec 05, 2014
Week one of the first raid Tier of the Warlords of Draenor expansion is in the books and I'd like to give you all my thoughts on the opening week.

First off, thank you to everyone that signed up and made it to raids (mostly on time mind you!!! which was great to see), even though we had some health issues that hampered some of our members from attending this week. I think the first weeks progression was very promising, even though we hit a bit of a wall on Tectus, but more on that in a bit...

Well, the week started out in typical Blizzard WOD launch style, with the servers coming up way later than expected and then DDOS attacks from China and unstable servers (who in their right minds upgrades hardware AND software at the same time, let alone releasing new content that will be OVERLOADED with players flooding certain zones all at the same time???? Only'd think they might have learned something over the last 10 years....) end result.....Tuesday was a blank night....frustration number 1 for a raider....NO RAID!

Then comes Wednesday, full of hope an promise, till yours truly does a bit more research...troubled to find out that the planned raiding level of Heroic is actually tuned for a raid averaging above 640 item level...oops, that's not going to happen for us...and some immediate change of plans....Normal raiding it is! Then to find out the planned progression path for most people is heroic dungeons (ilvl 630-636), lfr>normal>heroic>mythic raiding. So, since LFR is 2 weeks out...Into Normal Highmaul it is. AND MAN WHAT FUN IT IS TO RAID NEW CONTENT ONCE AGAIN!!!!

I don't know about you folks, but one of my favorite things to do in WOW is put my skills to the test against a previously unbeaten foe, and here we find some of the neatest mechanics we've come across in quite some time!

With a raiding force of 25 we entered to find.....ALMOST NO TRASH! Yes you read that correctly, one pack before boss 1 and 2 before boss 2! OMG I was in heaven...till we pulled. (here you can hear my little snicker of woe....) I do remember reading in some of the beta forums...."Blizz great job, first two bosses are kind of easy...and the packs in front of them make great bosses!" was, interesting mechanics...that oddly enough have nothing to do with the bosses abilities they lead to. This was a first for Blizz that I remember, almost always some of the trash leading to the boss had some smaller version of the main abilities you'd face...not this time....

On to boss 1 - Kargath Bladefist: cool mechanics, team to the stands, kiting a fixate, avoiding the pits of kitties waiting to eat you relatively easy (even though we almost wiped...but still a one shot!) - see Cocoa's awesome video here to see the fun we had....

Boss 2 - The Butcher (does anyone hear me say that with a loony toons voice....THHHHHEEEE BUTCHER!) - basic patchwork fight with a bit of Bloodboil thrown in for good measure! Healer/Dps check of the beginning of the tier.

Boss 3 - Tectus ....well, this seems like the dps checkpoint of the raid zone, and either we are not their yet, or this is SEVERELY overtuned....the mechanics are simple enough, fun...keeping everyone on their toes. Unfortunately...that's our wall atm...still, two bosses down first night I'm ok week we get the rest....if Blizz doesnt beat us with the server boss!

Hail Soulbound and well done!!!!
Tensen / Feb 28, 2014
With a mighty cry of "ONE MORE TRY!", Soulbound finally finished the last boss of the final raid tier of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. I want to thank EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE that worked on attempts that lead to the kill:


Im very proud of all of you for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm on night after night of wipes and strat tweaks till we got to the point we knew it was coming.


Now on to the fight, just wow. I think Blizz did a fantastic job with the fight. It truly felt epic to be in the mass of mechanics the fight held. And for the last fight of the expansion, the phases were different enough that every raid member was truly responsible for their actions and each type, be it tank, dps, or healer really had to know what their job was and had to be at the top of their game. Well done....

PS: A mystery appearance in mumble by Draelic might have been just the ticket we needed.

Tensen / Jan 10, 2014
On our second night of attempts, with a friendly healer in tow, Soulbound entered the lair of the Paragons of the Klaxxi!

After helping to free them in the first place, now we had to defeat them all, at the same time...well, at least 3 at a time anyway.

Good Mechanics, good interpretation of a "Council" Type of fight, I actually enjoyed this encounter! (I know, I know...adds). It had a good amount of everything...movement, CC, burn phase, working together to heal/tank/dps.

Overall, I think it was a well designed encounter that was just what we needed before Garrosh!


/Hail Soulbound! Well done!
Tensen / Dec 11, 2013
Well, after a couple of night of wiping on Thok..Soulbound's intrepid raid team went in for a third night of fighting big bad Dino (not dragon). And, as if Aribella thought I'd jinx us, I said:

"We can just one shot this and work on Siegecrafter folks! We got this!"

and I was right - Great work all of those that worked on this fight!

Then came 17(ish) attempts at Siegecrafter before our kill on our final attempt of the night (As usual!!!)

Great work by our heals and assembly line team of Aribella and Cocoa!

Overalll, these were two of my favorite fights of the Tier so far. Good tank fights, both good fights for our healers and dps. Cool mechanics on both and really well tuned fights, although Thok was a bit tighter for the enrage than Siege.

Two boss kill nights really are my favorites!!!

Well done Soulbound! /Salute

Tensen / Nov 08, 2013
Ok, so I've been venting about the amount of adds so far in boss fights this tier, so guess what....?

A fight made up entirely of adds! WTH? not even a boss at the end, open up boxes and guess your suprise....

Little adds, big adds, medium adds that heal and such....come on.

Now, Lath (the spinning Monk tank), but then again, he loves to spin and tanky, not so much.

Overall, my absolute least favorite fight of the entire tier so far....but practice attempts on Thok did not make me thrilled with that one either, the healers hate it already! On to Thok!

Great job all, and grats to those that earned gear!!!
Tensen / Oct 31, 2013
Well after a week of folks on vacation, and those sick sick sick we ended the week early with a fresh kill on Malkorok.

I have to tell you, this was the easiest mechanic driven fight of the tier so far, with everyone doing their job properly tonight we 2 shot it on only our second night of seeing the fight.

Great work everyone!

Happy Halloween!