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Thok and Siegecrafter DOWN! - only a few adds per fight (YAY)

Tensen / Dec 11, 2013
Well, after a couple of night of wiping on Thok..Soulbound's intrepid raid team went in for a third night of fighting big bad Dino (not dragon). And, as if Aribella thought I'd jinx us, I said:

"We can just one shot this and work on Siegecrafter folks! We got this!"

and I was right - Great work all of those that worked on this fight!

Then came 17(ish) attempts at Siegecrafter before our kill on our final attempt of the night (As usual!!!)

Great work by our heals and assembly line team of Aribella and Cocoa!

Overalll, these were two of my favorite fights of the Tier so far. Good tank fights, both good fights for our healers and dps. Cool mechanics on both and really well tuned fights, although Thok was a bit tighter for the enrage than Siege.

Two boss kill nights really are my favorites!!!

Well done Soulbound! /Salute



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