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Raid Week 1 and a Raid Leader's Thoughts....

Tensen / Dec 05, 2014
Week one of the first raid Tier of the Warlords of Draenor expansion is in the books and I'd like to give you all my thoughts on the opening week.

First off, thank you to everyone that signed up and made it to raids (mostly on time mind you!!! which was great to see), even though we had some health issues that hampered some of our members from attending this week. I think the first weeks progression was very promising, even though we hit a bit of a wall on Tectus, but more on that in a bit...

Well, the week started out in typical Blizzard WOD launch style, with the servers coming up way later than expected and then DDOS attacks from China and unstable servers (who in their right minds upgrades hardware AND software at the same time, let alone releasing new content that will be OVERLOADED with players flooding certain zones all at the same time???? Only'd think they might have learned something over the last 10 years....) end result.....Tuesday was a blank night....frustration number 1 for a raider....NO RAID!

Then comes Wednesday, full of hope an promise, till yours truly does a bit more research...troubled to find out that the planned raiding level of Heroic is actually tuned for a raid averaging above 640 item level...oops, that's not going to happen for us...and some immediate change of plans....Normal raiding it is! Then to find out the planned progression path for most people is heroic dungeons (ilvl 630-636), lfr>normal>heroic>mythic raiding. So, since LFR is 2 weeks out...Into Normal Highmaul it is. AND MAN WHAT FUN IT IS TO RAID NEW CONTENT ONCE AGAIN!!!!

I don't know about you folks, but one of my favorite things to do in WOW is put my skills to the test against a previously unbeaten foe, and here we find some of the neatest mechanics we've come across in quite some time!

With a raiding force of 25 we entered to find.....ALMOST NO TRASH! Yes you read that correctly, one pack before boss 1 and 2 before boss 2! OMG I was in heaven...till we pulled. (here you can hear my little snicker of woe....) I do remember reading in some of the beta forums...."Blizz great job, first two bosses are kind of easy...and the packs in front of them make great bosses!" was, interesting mechanics...that oddly enough have nothing to do with the bosses abilities they lead to. This was a first for Blizz that I remember, almost always some of the trash leading to the boss had some smaller version of the main abilities you'd face...not this time....

On to boss 1 - Kargath Bladefist: cool mechanics, team to the stands, kiting a fixate, avoiding the pits of kitties waiting to eat you relatively easy (even though we almost wiped...but still a one shot!) - see Cocoa's awesome video here to see the fun we had....

Boss 2 - The Butcher (does anyone hear me say that with a loony toons voice....THHHHHEEEE BUTCHER!) - basic patchwork fight with a bit of Bloodboil thrown in for good measure! Healer/Dps check of the beginning of the tier.

Boss 3 - Tectus ....well, this seems like the dps checkpoint of the raid zone, and either we are not their yet, or this is SEVERELY overtuned....the mechanics are simple enough, fun...keeping everyone on their toes. Unfortunately...that's our wall atm...still, two bosses down first night I'm ok week we get the rest....if Blizz doesnt beat us with the server boss!

Hail Soulbound and well done!!!!


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