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Tensen / Oct 10, 2013
Good lord what a fantastic week of raiding!

First, we clear the first 6 bosses on Tuesday night, then head in to work on The Dark Shaman.

Well first, lets all say thank you to Dizam for gearing up and learning how to tank! The first night of learning was a bit tough, but then he got the hang of it and we got 'em down in 5 attempts! Great work by our healers and Lath for taking all that damage! Fun fight overall, although it could be a killer on heroic!

Then came General Nazgrim - well this fight is a bit of a bore honestly, guess what THERE ARE ADDS! I know, shocking right??? Well once we got the first attempt in at 48% and hit the beserk on our second....we knew we had it. I like the concept of the fight, but the distribution of adds being random, the crazy ravagers if you screw up and how they just kinda follow you sometimes, sometimes they just go their own way, just seems a bit....random. Other than that, everyone did an amazing job for the night and we are now 8/14 for the instance!

Hail Soulbound!!!
Tensen / Oct 03, 2013
Can I tell you how much fun I think this fight is?

Would you believe me if I tried?

I just love this fight, from the silly little spikes to tanks having to blow themselves up on bombs to the all out healing required in phase 2. I think this is my absolute favorite fight so far in the instance. I think its really well designed, well balanced, and just out ant out FUN!

Thanks to Cocoa for the awesome idea of 4 healing it for the heck of it!

Tensen / Sep 27, 2013
Really, enough with the adds already.

Well, took us 2 real nights of working on this, last night really getting well into phase 2 time after time, burning through the waves of trash, and just not getting the mechanic right....

So...Take two, well, not sure if we still truly understand how it works, but at least we all lived to see the proto drake die!

I like the fight, even with all the waves of adds - and can i just say, brewmasters are as broken in this tier as I was as a tankadin last tier...

Just teasing Latherion, great work tanking adds and controlling the pace of the fight!

Well done Soulbound! Hail!
Tensen / Sep 20, 2013
"Still Great work Soulbound! Waiting to see if the purple puddles get us tomorrow or Sha goes down!"

from my previous news post, and I've got to tell you, we had a super smooth, well executed one shot of Sha of Pride tonight. What a great feeling that was......Love this fight, mechanic driven, everyone needs to know not only where they are and what their role is, but co-ordination among healers on cleanses, timely work on cages, and really good focus on dps targets means a very, very smooth fight!

Great work everyone, now on to the mess of waves that is Galakras!
Tensen / Sep 19, 2013
So after a few sub 10% attempts the previous night, Soulbound's intrepid raiders soldiered on into the Siege of Orgimmar with another fresh kill (and a sub 1% wipe on Sha of Pride, which hurt all our pride)

Norushen was a fight about coordination and timing the dps entereing the realm and getting the buff...and killing adds, lots of adds.

I still sense a theme with this instance.....waiting for another boss with out them.

Still Great work Soulbound! Waiting to see if the purple puddles get us tomorrow or Sha goes down!

Tensen / Sep 18, 2013
So, Tensen admitting he was wrong about something shocked Aribella to her core....but it happens.

There was a major flaw in my original strategy that caused us a few attempts at wipes the previous week on our last night of tries, but with a bit of a tweak we two shot a very challenging fight.

Lots of little mechanics and adds (Why do I have a feeling this is the entire theme of this raid tier....adds adds and more adds) made the fight fun, exciting and sure to keep everyone on their toes.

Good work Soulbound, and on to the rest of the first part of the zone!

PS: nice to have you back in for a progression kill Midore!
Tensen / Sep 13, 2013
Wow what a week of raiding....

First a good night of playing around in flex mode to learn the fights 3/4 first night with all the horrible lag issues folks were having.

Second - no raid on Wednesday due to RL issues.

Third - a kill on our first night into the zone, with a really good start on the second boss!

Immerseus was a great fight for a first boss in the new zone! Much more challenging than Jin'rok was and better tuned. Lots of personal responsibility for this fight with everyone doing their best to move out of zones and to kill/heal their assigned zones...Great job by all.

Special thanks to Zlord who helped fill in at the last moment.

Great work all, on to more GLORY!

Hail Soulbound!
Tensen / Jun 26, 2013
Wow, what a fight!

I have to tell you, overall this was one of the most satisfying raid instances since Black Temple for me. Killing Lei Shen took high dps, great healing, true awareness of everything going on around you and teamwork.

Cool mechanics, that once you understand them in reality vs. concept, made the fight feel smooth and endlessly repeatable. Thanks to Everyone that worked on this encounter as well as Every Member of Soulbound that made this tier of raiding so much fun!

Grats to those that got the loot!