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(Nov 09, 2019)
Is there a certain server Soulbound folks went to for the new Classic release?
(Aug 28, 2019)
or on pagle...hit up chaplin for guild invite atm...may change
(Aug 28, 2019)
(Aug 27, 2019)
Where is everyone???
(Apr 07, 2019)
i've gone for the free version of the site since we 90% of you are not using the site.
(Jan 01, 2019)
Happy New Year Soublound!
(Dec 13, 2018)
Should be fixed now. There was an error in the system for everyone that was paying for 3 months at a time
(Dec 12, 2018)
I'm looking into the ads showing up on our site. I'm not sure what has happened but addressing it asap
(Aug 13, 2018)
Happy BfA Day, all!
(Jul 29, 2018)
Ugh. My August work schedule is another Armageddon right when I'm gonna want to be exploring BfA. :(
(Jul 17, 2018)
I know Lanfear kicked all our butts by doing 33/36 mage tower apperances! Grats Lan!!!
(Jul 12, 2018)
Suck it, Kruul! Prot pally challenge done!
(Jul 11, 2018)
It's the hardest of the Tank Challenges (if your not using Goblin Gliders your doing it wrong"
(Jul 11, 2018)
The prot pally challenge is not making things easy on me. Grr.
(Jul 02, 2018)
Blood DK and Ret Pally challenges done. :)
(Jun 27, 2018)
Mage Tower now up permanently until the pre-patch. Get those challenge appearances done!
(Jun 24, 2018)
Enhance shammy challenge appearance done! :)
(Jun 17, 2018)
Grats SB!