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(Dec 30, 2015)
Happy new years
(Dec 25, 2015)
Merry Christmas everyone! :D
(Dec 24, 2015)
I would like to wish all of you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(Dec 17, 2015)
24 hours until Star Wars for me!
(Nov 26, 2015)
Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
(Nov 26, 2015)
Happy (American) Thanksgiving, folks!
(Nov 22, 2015)
I'm nowhere near getting the hang of it. I'm not an FPS kinda gamer, so I'm not loving it yet.
(Nov 22, 2015)
not me, looking forward to trying it out when I get the chance though. How is it?
(Nov 19, 2015)
Anyone else get into the Overwatch beta this weekend?
(Nov 18, 2015)
If anyone wants to earn Cho'Gall on HotS, I have him.
(Nov 11, 2015)
just started leveling up a bunch of alts myself
(Nov 10, 2015)
I've got a pocket full of money. How many lvl 100s can I get before the xpac comes out?
(Nov 10, 2015)
as long as someone is going to tank...I'm thinking of switching classes this expac
(Nov 10, 2015)
So who wants to switch mains to a Demon Hunter?
(Nov 01, 2015)
(Oct 31, 2015)
Happy Halloween!! :D
(Oct 28, 2015)
thats right royals ftw
(Oct 28, 2015)
(Oct 25, 2015)
Urgh. I was rooting for the Cubbies. Go Royals, I guess.
(Oct 22, 2015)