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(Jun 14, 2018)
Got 3 Mage Tower challenges done last night! Prot warrior, frost DK, & Havoc DH. Woot!
(Jun 04, 2018)
Please read Updated Raid Schedule post:
(May 29, 2018)
Alberto ended up being a nothingburger for my area. Turned far enough east that we only got a little rain. Fine by me!
(May 29, 2018)
how'd you make out SB?
(May 29, 2018)
Really cool thing coming tomorrow morning. I will post a link to the forums when it's up!
(May 27, 2018)
So Alberto is pretty much on a direct path to my front door. Yeehaw.
(May 23, 2018)
Achievement planning 2.0
(May 21, 2018)
anyone want to join me?
(May 21, 2018)
according to wowhead, the quest is sharable.
(May 21, 2018)
I finally got the quest for wonderous wisdom ball.
(May 11, 2018)
Glories of the Guild Pandaren and Draenor Raiders are done! Go buy your mounts from the guild vendor!!
(May 03, 2018)
GofHR Done! Mythic still to come
(Apr 28, 2018)
Avengers is insane! Go see it now!
(Apr 26, 2018)
Check out the latest achievement planning schedule
(Apr 12, 2018)
No prob! I’ll see how hard it is, and figure out if we need a separate night, or if we can just do it after raid
(Apr 12, 2018)
you aare the best, Bella
(Apr 12, 2018)
I'm planning on working on the dungeon achievements this weekend, but I already have a group formed for them. I'd be happy to help you with it anytime after the reset on Tuesday though Terian :)
(Apr 12, 2018)
Maybe friday night or sometime this weekend?