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(May 19, 2017)
And the email came late this afternoon. Of course on my long work weekend. Ugh.
(May 19, 2017)
I never got an email, but I apparently have access to the Necromancer beta! w00t!
(Apr 10, 2017)
anyone else having trouble getting in?
(Mar 28, 2017)
No raids this week. Work on broken shores and mythic +
(Mar 23, 2017)
Damn, looks like I have to come back sooner than I thought. Damn you 7.2
(Mar 23, 2017)
run away....
(Mar 23, 2017)
Terian is contemplating a return to raiding
(Mar 22, 2017)
new apps up, please vote
(Mar 14, 2017)
May or may not make it tonite. I
(Feb 26, 2017)
(Feb 15, 2017)
Got mine done already, but I'm pretty sure Asuran wants to do it!
(Feb 14, 2017)
Anyone up for some Heroes of the Storm games this week to get the mount?
(Feb 14, 2017)
I have a couple extra lovely charm bracelets if anyone needs
(Feb 02, 2017)
Heroic Nighthold tomorrow night folks! Grats Everyone on Gul'dan Kill
(Jan 17, 2017)
DONT OPEN CACHE for mythics till you get the quest to upgrade your legendaries
(Jan 16, 2017)
Hey tensen, i can raid on tuesday, but not thursday or friday
(Jan 12, 2017)
Scared of the ice so Im taking off work tomorrow. May be a drinking raid night for me
(Jan 06, 2017)
omg so want this:
(Jan 02, 2017)
LOL, I believe so :p