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(Aug 31, 2016)
Good call, thanks SB
(Aug 31, 2016)
Don't forget to login all those lvl 100 alts! Get rest XP rolling while you level your main!
(Aug 30, 2016)
We miss you, Momma!
(Aug 29, 2016)
For old time's sake ... cheesecake. That is all.
(Aug 28, 2016)
Legion Mission Statement now available for members
(Aug 28, 2016)
(Aug 27, 2016)
Its a Bella Bella Birthday!
(Aug 25, 2016)
Thanks diz!
(Aug 24, 2016)
happy birthday bella
(Aug 09, 2016)
Grr. Won't be able to join in the invasion fun tomorrow. My lightning-fried Uverse modem won't get replaced until Wednesday.
(Aug 05, 2016)
i dont know, i dont have any money to get back into it
(Jul 26, 2016)
boo! You'll be back for the expansion though, right??
(Jul 26, 2016)
hey guys i wont be on for a bit, my wow time expired
(Jul 22, 2016)
This guy is
(Jul 18, 2016)
Who's gonna be raiding in Legion? I'm starting to get a bit excited! :D
(Jul 14, 2016)
Grats, Diz!
(Jul 12, 2016)
Congrats Diz...poor doesnt get much better lol
(Jul 12, 2016)
and thank you
(Jul 12, 2016)
married check, poor from getting married check also
(Jul 08, 2016)
dangit, why cant i get one